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The Pillars Of Joy Workshop &
Online Course

 Using insightful questions to unlock your inner joy

I believe that asking the right questions are like “keys” to the doors of your mind, heart and soul. The Pillars Of Joy Workshop consists of thoughtful and inquisitive questions to help unlock your inner joy. This work is heavily influenced by the teachings and philosophies of the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu from the novel, The Book of Joy, where these two men discussed and analyzed what they call the Eight Pillars of Joy - four qualities of the mind (perspective, humility, humor and acceptance) and four qualities of the heart (forgiveness, gratitude, compassion and generosity). These two great spiritual leaders agreed upon these characteristics to be lasting qualities to ensure that joy can be sustained, even the most troubling and challenging times in our lives. As part of this workshop, I have curated and developed questions that relate to each pillar in order to assist in bringing about a deeper understanding and appreciation for each characteristic as well as providing valuable and lasting tools to help you sustain and bring about your own joy in your life when it is needed.


This 3-hour workshop teaches my participants to understand fully how the Eight Pillars of Joy can provide lasting joy in an ever-changing world.  The goal is to provide clarity and define our “true purpose” in life - avoiding suffering and discovering true joy. It is through this, that I help you explore how we can transform joy from being a temporary state into one that is an enduring trait - from a short-lived feeling into a lasting way of being. 


The Pillars Of Joy Workshop is designed to:


  • Assist you in answering pertinent questions which will give you more access to joy in your life.

  • Help you realize how much joy you have in your life and how to enhance your life utilizing the Pillars of Joy.

  • Provide techniques and practices to help maintain and foster your joy.

  • Show you how to utilize these pillars into your own life to handle day to day stresses and obstacles.

  • Create a “sacred space” to share your life experiences with others about your thoughts, fears and feelings.

  • Provide subtle reminders of the core values that we all strive to live by in our day to day lives, even in the most challenging of times.

  • Help those participating in opening up emotionally and being able to look at life through different lenses and points of view

  • Aid in inner healing and discover what was within yourself all along, that joy is present always, even in happy and challenging times


Three hours in length with an optional Joy Lunch/Dinner post-workshop.

Space is limited. Schedules and registration available by emailing Gregg at:

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