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"I highly recommend Gregg's Joyful Living Workshops.  His questions regarding joy and happiness in my life gave me pause, caused me to explore my feelings around these topics further, and see each experience through new eyes and heart."


- Janet B.



"Being interviewed by Gregg regarding my thoughts on joy and how I lead a joyful life was a wonderful experience! At his core, Gregg is simply one of the most genuine, authentic and truly caring individuals I have ever met. During the interview, I felt he was 100% present and eagerly interested in what I had to say. The questions were thought-provoking and had a profoundly positive affect on my mood and well-being. I highly recommend going through his individual session or small-group workshops for sure!"


- Rachael M.


"This experience had such an unexpected and phenomenal impact on me - I'm so thankful I was given to opportunity to grasp a deeper understanding was what joy and happiness mean to me and how I can spread them to those who need the extra encouragement to find them."


- Kylie C.


"I greatly enjoyed having a joyful living interview with Gregg.  It was like a life therapy session- a time to reflect on your values and think about what is meaningful and valuable in your life.  I left the session refreshed and restored, with new energy to put back into my life where I want to consider improvements and changes.  Gregg was an excellent guide, very attentive, thoughtful and asking appropriate follow up questions for clarification.  It was an awesome experience and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!"


- Heather R.

"Gregg is a gifted guide, helping his clients delve deeply into the concept of joy through an oral exercise, providing the opportunity for stream of consciousness exploration leading to a heightened self-awareness and 'door-opening' of future positive growth."

- Laurel A.

"During my interview with Gregg, he was able to provide a comfortable environment which allowed me to be transparent and honest with my answers. Gregg has a way of making the time spent in the interview feel magical! It was an honor to be interviewed and I look forward to the end result!"

- Amy R.

"If you are ready to live a life of joy, I HIGHLY recommend taking part in Gregg's Joyful Living workshop. Gregg has taken the time to find though-provoking questions to ask that will get you thinking and re-evaluating how you see yourself and the world. I can't wait to take part in more sessions and groups with Joyful Living!"

- Brittany R.

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