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STORIES OF JOY Anthology Book Series
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8 pillars x 8 books = 160 stories of joy


Fulfill your dream of being a published author while making

a meaningful difference in the lives of countless people.


The Stories Of Joy Anthology Book Project is a series of eight books based on the eight  pillars of joy featured in the novel, The Book of Joy, by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Douglas Abrams. Each book will be collectively written by a group of contributing authors sharing personal, unique stories of their life experiences as they relate to each pillar. 


To expand the impact of these books beyond their words, Joyful Living is proud to support specially-selected charitable organizations and initiatives whose purpose and audience directly align with each pillar. A portion of the proceeds from each book will be distributed as follows:



Book Two: HUMILITY - Racism/Equality

Book Three: HUMOR - Medical (Patch Adams Organization)

Book Four: ACCEPTANCE - LGBTQ Rights

Book Five: FORGIVENESS - Coming soon

Book Six: GRATITUDE - Veterans/Farmers

Book Seven: COMPASSION - Cancer Research

Book Eight: GENEROSITY - Feeding the Hungry


Do you have a story to tell that aligns with one or more of these pillars? Have you always dreamed of becoming an author, but didn’t know where to start or didn’t think you had enough content to fill an entire book?  If so, this opportunity to become a Stories of Joy Contributing Author could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.



As an author, you will have your 3,000 word chapter featured along with other authors for the book. To help you along this process, you will receive:


  • Zoom session recording and transcripts to begin the writing of your chapter.

  • Assistance from a professional writing coach/editor to help develop your transcripts into a 3,000 word chapter on your specific pillar.

  • Final manuscript editing, formatting, interior layout, cover design, publishing through Amazon and KDP as well as pre and post-book launch marketing initiatives. Our goal is to have a finished book within 6-8 months once all manuscripts are complete.

  • Eight monthly Zoom video calls to examine and explore each pillar to enhance your understanding of each pillar and how it can be implemented in your own life.



Once the book is published, you will receive:

  • Wholesale pricing for purchasing copies of the finished paperback book.

  • On-going exposure for the Stories of Joy strategic marketing plan which includes a landing page, podcasts, media interviews, speaking engagements, etc.

  • Exclusive membership to the private Facebook group, Stories of Joy Authors Group, to receive updates on book production, announcements, marketing initiatives and events surrounding the book project.


The fee to be a Stories of Joy Contributing Author is $875 per chapter, per book and includes all of the above pre and post publication offerings. Space is limited to 20 authors per book. 



For more information, email me at or call 720-833-8908.


We all have a story to tell. It’s time the world heard yours.




STORIES OF JOY Anthology Book Project -



Individual/Corporate sponsorships available to help share Stories of Joy


At Joyful Living, we believe in “cause publishing” and cause-related marketing is a fast-growing form of marketing in the business world. Sponsorships allow businesses to take a social stance by investing in causes, organizations, and events that they and their consumers value.


Partnering with Stories of Joy can increase brand awareness and create a positive brand image for you and your business, while building trust with current and future customers. This is especially valuable for companies marketing to younger audiences who value social responsibility and want to buy from businesses that are making a positive impact on society.


Through partnering with us, your specific product or service will be introduced to our audience, allowing you to build trust and brand loyalty. It is also our goal to provide our sponsors greater brand awareness and help drive sales and customers to your organization.


Sponsoring with Stories of Joy will enable you to reach a new or broader audience. It is our intention to share access to our network of donors, sponsors, volunteers, and supporters in exchange for your sponsorship.


We believe that sponsorships are marketing dollars well-spent and improve your business's reputation, thereby increasing your marketshare and mindshare.


To align with various budget levels, we offer a tiered structure sponsorship package, which may include:

  • Contribution of your own chapter and author bio in the book.

  • Listing in our Acknowledgments and Sponsors page.

  • Writing a Foreword or Introduction at the beginning of the book.

  • Multiple free paperback copies of the finished book to be used as gifts, promotional items, or for sale in your business or at conferences.

  • Increased marketing from your participation through Stories of Joy book tours, speaking engagements, virtual and live events, etc.


Sponsorship Levels - *Multi-book/series sponsorship options are also available.


LEVEL A: $10,000 per book

LEVEL B: $7,500 per book

LEVEL C: $5,000 per book


For details on what is included in each sponsorship level, or with questions about sponsoring Stories of Joy, please contact me at or 720-833-8908.

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