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The SpeakEasy Method for Health Coaches


How writing a book can grow your health coaching business


As a health coach, trainer or expert, your clients come to you to reduce stress and negativity in their lives, build their self-esteem, encourage them to adopt a healthier and more positive lifestyle, and help them to identify and fulfill their life’s purpose - among other needs. If you want to grow your business by reaching more people and transforming them with your gifts and talents, writing a book could be a great place to start.


Writing a book not only establishes you as an expert, but it allows you to reach thousands of people you would not have the opportunity to meet. A book has the power to completely change the trajectory of your career as a coach. While you are building your coaching business, writing a book can help you with four main goals:


  • Establish you as an expert: Your book is an opportunity for you to authentically share your experience and knowledge in your voice.  When done right, your book can establish you as a brand. Books make excellent sources for media pitches and speaking engagements and can be leveraged as strategic marketing tools.


  • Reach more people: Writing a book allows you to reach a limitless number of people as an addition to your traditional means of building your client base.  You can reach people in a more diverse demographic and enhance your legacy of wisdom and expertise for your readers to pass on to future generations.


  • Make your coaching affordable: In-person, phone or online sessions with a coach can often be cost prohibitive for many people who truly need your expertise and guidance. Many of them do not have the time or money needed to begin a course that has the potential to turn around their lives in an impactful way. Books, however, can be an affordable, convenient option for them. Your level of impact is no longer limited - it is now global.


  • Helps solidify your value as a coach: As you focus on the type of clients you want to help and write about what makes you ‘unique’ in the crowded marketplace of coaches, you enhance your own level of confidence in your message. Putting your thoughts on paper helps you notice and appreciate the intangibles of your work. You are able to explain your processes and proven outcomes that result from your talent, skill and intuitiveness. As a coach, knowing ‘how’ you do things can be a great power and tool within the scope of your book - which you can use to achieve success in your programs in the future.


If this is your first experience with writing a book,  I recommend you consider taking the first step with the help of The SpeakEasy Method - a revolutionary approach to connect with your inner and outer voice to tell and share your story. Our team of producers will guide you every step of the way to help bring your message to life. As an added bonus, I am taking $500 off our regularly priced Book Project program exclusively for health coaches (limited time only.)



To learn more, feel free to contact me for a complimentary Discovery Call at or 720-833-8908. I look forward to beginning this journey of sharing your coaching story with the world.


Gregg Gonzales, founder of Joyful Living LLC and creator of The SpeakEasy Method.

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