SpeakEasy Method Authors' Book Project

Same Storm, Different Boats

Fulfill your dream of being a published author while documenting and sharing your personal experience with your fellow authors, your loved ones, and future generations.


There is a version of who we were before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the version of ourselves we are today.  While there certainly was great loss over the past year - loss of a particular milestone celebration, loss of identity and a sense of "normalcy"; maybe even the loss of a loved one. And yet, there are also examples of great gain - more time spent with loved ones, a reinvigorated dedication to our health, and perhaps time to reconnect with a lifelong dream or hobby that may have been ignored due to the busyness of our daily routines. 


You’re invited to participate in the SpeakEasy Method Author’s Project Same Storm, Different Boats anthology novel which will feature the stories and perspectives of 12 contributing authors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Utilizing the SpeakEasy Method, we will focus on questions that will bring to light the personal experiences you had BEFORE and DURING the pandemic, as well as on your HOPES AND DREAMS after this period is over. This will be an opportunity to share your collective stories to capture this period we are all living through in an uplifting and meaningful way from various points of views and experiences.

The SpeakEasy Method Author’s Project contributor fee is $1895 USD and includes all of following pre- and post-publication offerings. Space is limited to 12 authors per book and recordings begin on Monday, March 29, 2021.



As a published author, you will have your 5,000 word chapter featured along with 11 fellow authors. To support and guide this process, you will receive:

  • An exclusive three-hour writers’ workshop via Zoom (choose ONE of the dates below) discussing the power of storytelling, how stories help us heal and sharing examples of our own personal experiences in a safe and compassionate space. The workshop will also be full of useful writing tips and guides, as well as learning the in’s and out’s of independent publishing. 

  • A single, 60 minute Zoom session recording and transcripts to begin the writing of your chapter.

  • Professional instruction from our Create Your Bestseller team consisting of expert pre- and post-marketing specialists, writing coaches and editors, formatting, interior layout, and cover design professionals and publishing experts to help develop your words into a published paperback book. The goal is to have a finished book within 6-8 months once all manuscripts are complete.

  • Monthly Zoom video calls during book production to keep participating authors updated on the progress and growth of the SpeakEasy Method Authors’ Project leading to publication.



Once the book is published, you will receive:

  • Five complimentary copies of the published paperback book, Same Storm, Different Boats.

  • Wholesale pricing for purchasing additional copies of the paperback book.

  • On-going support within the SpeakEasy Method Authors’ Project strategic marketing plan which includes a landing page, podcasts, media interviews, speaking engagements, etc.

  • Exclusive membership to the private Facebook group, SpeakEasy Method Authors’ Project Group, where you’ll receive updates on book production, announcements, marketing initiatives and events surrounding the book project.



SpeakEasy Method Authors’ Book Project Zoom Workshop Event Calendar  (CHOOSE ONE)


Tuesday, 3/2/21 @ 530pm MT

Wednesday, 3/10/21 @ 1pm MT

Saturday, 3/20/21 @ 11am MT

Tuesday, 3/23/21 @ 530pm MT


Authors’ Book Project + Workshop = $1895 USD

Workshop only = $150 USD


Zoom invite number to be provided once fees have been collected.


For more information or to reserve your chapter, email SpeakEasy Method founder Gregg Gonzales at gregg.joyfulliving@gmail.com or call 720-833-8908.



We all have a story to tell. It’s time the world heard yours.

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