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The SpeakEasy Method is a unique, simple and effective method of writing with your voice to provide the creative spark to inspire you to share your story. Your story may include answers to thoughtfully-curated questions, that ultimately creates something as personal as a guided vocal journal, or it may result in creating content for your business, or even writing the book you’ve always wanted to write. The possibilities are endless, whether it’s a story to keep, or a story to share.


The SpeakEasy Method is a revolutionary approach for would-be authors who may be stuck at the starting point to connect with and write their story. And in collaboration with a team of Speakeasy producers, Joyful Living will help bring to life the theme, details, energy and scope of their story.

Prospective Authors - 

Have you ever wanted to write a book but haven’t started? What’s holding you back? Maybe the voice in your head is telling you…


“I don’t have time.”

“I’m not a writer.”

“I don’t like to write.”

“I don’t even know where to start.”

“It seems beyond my reach and a pipe dream.”

“No one wants to hear my story.”

“I have writers block and feel stuck.”

“I don’t have a story worth writing about.”


With The SpeakEasy Method, we will silence that inner voice and show you how it is possible.


Our unique writing process is centered on connecting with and understanding people and their stories with the desire to represent them in a way that is authentic and genuine. By “writing with your voice”, our team will show you the lasting impact of telling your story which goes beyond a finished transcript and a published book.


Whether it’s your personal tips on overcoming obstacles, how you felt about a significant life milestone, funny anecdotes, or even your perspective on these unprecedented times we find ourselves in, with The SpeakEasy Method, we offer several options towards helping you write your story based on your target audience and intended purpose.


Using our unique, simple and effective interview technique, we will provide the “spark” to help you “jump start” the process of writing your book. Together, we will bring to life the theme, details, energy and scope of your story. Along with our affiliate team of specialists: transcript proof editors, professional writing coaches, manuscript editors, printers and book binders, a publishing consultant, and a PR/Marketing expert, we will work along side you to make your dream of becoming an author a reality.

The SpeakEasy Method can be utilized in a variety of ways: guided journaling, content creation, note-taking - really ANY outlet you need that requires writing - WITH YOUR VOICE!

SpeakEasy Create Your Bestseller program:

As part of the SpeakEasy Create Your Bestseller program, you will be introduced to our team of experts within all areas of publishing: PR/marketing, writing coach, book editors, cover design, book formatters and self-publishing specialists who will guide you through the necessary steps to successfully launch your book in order to give you the best exposure to your given audience.

The secret to the SpeakEasy Create Your Bestseller program is our simple eight step method of taking your story from concept to published work:

STEP 1. Begin your writing journey using your VOICE - audio interview recording sessions with our SpeakEasy team of producers.


STEP 2. Construct, compile and develop your recorded transcripts to create your first draft.


STEP 3. Put the puzzle pieces together - working with our writing coach to piece your transcripts, notes, and typed pages into a working manuscript.


STEP 4. Begin your pre-launch PR/Marketing campaign for your own personal brand.

STEP 5. Create and submit your final manuscript to our publishing team.

STEP 6. Final edits, formatting and cover design for your book.


STEP 7. Your book is ready to be published on Amazon!


STEP 8. Post-launch book marketing campaign - book reviews, Amazon best seller campaign, book tours and speaking engagements.

Introductions to the SpeakEasy Create Your Bestseller team is included in your Book Project program following the conclusion of your session recordings.

Have questions? Contact us for a 30 minute DISCOVERY CALL.




$3,600 USD

Six sessions; approx. 60-85 pages of content



$650 USD

approx. 10-15 pages of content


Payment installment plans are available.

All sessions include:


  • A 30 minute Planning & Strategy Zoom video call prior to each recording session

  • A 60 minute Zoom video recording sessions with personal and customized questions with a specific theme and audience for your book

  • Audio recordings will be shared immediately after each session has been completed

  • Transcribed, edited and formatted transcripts

  • A digital copy of the final transcripts sent via email per your preferential format 

  • A 30 minute post-project Zoom call to discuss next steps for your book 



When you were a teenager, you might have kept a diary hidden under your mattress or locked away in a drawer. It was a safe place to jot down your ideas, your comings and goings of the day, as well as an outlet for expressing yourself freely. It was a place to confess your struggles and fears without judgment or consequence.


You may have stopped using a diary once you reached adulthood but the concept and its benefits still apply. These days, it’s called journaling. It's simply writing down your thoughts and feelings to understand them more clearly. Furthermore, if you struggle with stress, depression, or anxiety, journaling is a highly effective way to cope. It can help you gain control of your emotions as well as improving your overall mental health. One of the ways to deal with any overwhelming emotion is to find a healthy way to express yourself. This makes using a journal regularly a helpful tool in managing your mental health. 


But why is journaling so difficult for some people?


Many will say they struggle with setting intentional time to journal. Some will say that they get stuck on what to write about. Some will even say that the prospect of writing for a significant length of time is mind-numbingly difficult. 


What if the journaling process could be as simple as using your voice? What if you were prompted with inquisitive, thought-provoking and personal questions to answer? What if the simple act of personal connection and sharing your answers brought about an energy to your journaling that provided clarity, awareness and positive energy that goes beyond writing your thoughts down in a journal book?


This is the intention of Guided Vocal Journaling.


Each session features one of 12 volumes of specially-curated questions designed to shape and tell the story of the most important person in your life - YOU. The volumes consist of twenty questions that will be used during our ‘interview’ on a variety of aspects of your life - your values, your beliefs, the people and things you love, and what brings you joy and happiness. These interviews will be recorded, transcribed to text and presented to you in an editable copy for you to keep, share and potentially build upon. Our online interviews are generally an hour in length which produce roughly 10-15 pages of transcripts per recording.


A sampling of topics we will explore together include:


  1. Re-discovering YOU

  2. Achieving Inner Peace

  3. Conquering Your Fears

  4. The Pathway Through Grief

  5. Creating New Goals

  6. Exploring Your True Passions

  7. Learning From Past Mistakes

  8. Loving Yourself Through Acceptance

  9. Making A Difference

  10. Finding Your Purpose

  11. Looking Back/Looking Ahead

  12. Words Of Wisdom/Living Joyfully

Among many, many more. Or, feel free to choose your own themes!



Guided Vocal Journaling can help you:


- Manage anxiety                              

- Reduce stress

- Cope with depression                      

- Evoke high levels of mindfulness

- Achieve your goals                          

- Boost your memory and comprehension

- Strengthen your self-discipline        

- Improve your communication skills

- Spark your creativity                        

- Accelerate inner healing

- Build self-confidence                        

- Enhance connection to yourself and others

Complimentary 30 minute sample session available.

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