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My 'Why'

I believe that joy is inside us...always. It is present when we are happy and when we are sad. It is with us during the most uplifting and tragic of times. We are born with it and we all die with it. It is entirely us and is as unique to us as our DNA. I also believe that joy resides in our hearts. The "warm fuzzy" feeling we get when joy is present comes from the center of our being which begins in the heart. All of our deepest desires, wishes, hopes and dreams live here too. But like most people, I have had moments in my life where joy has eluded me, and very recently I was challenged to find it once again. Through a combination of questions that I have asked myself along with the courage to be open and honest with the answers. I not only discovered my joy, but I also connected to my true purpose to serving others in a meaningful way. Mindfulness training designed to help you live your best and most joyous life is the goal of my Joyful Living initiative.

Choose joy,

- G

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