There is a question that many Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers ask themselves as it related to their health and well-being: "How long can I live?"


The question shouldn’t be “how long can I live?” but rather “how WELL can I live?”. The answer to that question is in sustainability and consistency of a positive lifestyle and environment. Living out "good years" is a very important concept to understand, but what does that mean to YOU?


Webster's Dictionary says:


PERENNIAL - Adj. Lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring; (of a plant) Living for several years; (attribute of a person) Apparently permanently engaged in a specified role or way of life.

I like to think of Perennials this way: a community of adults with decades of life behind them who seek to live an active, blossoming and joyful life ahead.


The Perennial Project for Seniors is a 52-week, guided journaling program led by a weekly list of five curated questions that are specifically developed for residents of assisted living/senior living facilities to help them connect to their joy in a mindful, interactive and personal way. We have designed several ways in which The Perennial Project can be administered  - individually as well as in a group setting - along with a year-long personal commitment from our Joyful Living team to assist in every step of the way.The act of journaling can help you:

- Manage anxiety          

- Reduce stress     

- Evoke high levels of mindfulness          

- Cope with depression

- Achieve your goals          

- Boost your memory and comprehension     

- Strengthen your self-discipline          

- Improve your communication skills     

- Spark your creativity     

- Build self-confidence     

- Accelerate inner healing


My goal with this project is to nurture and bring seniors together showing them that small life changes, such as journaling, can add up to larger life advancements in growing older with more joy. Your curated questions each week will fall under a specific area of focus. The outline for your year-long program is as follows:

1. RE-DISCOVERING YOU (4 weeks - 20 questions)

2. ACHIEVING INNER PEACE (4 weeks - 20 questions)

3. CONQUERING YOUR FEARS (4 weeks - 20 questions)

4. CREATING NEW GOALS (4 weeks - 20 questions)

5. EXPLORING YOUR TRUE PASSIONS (4 weeks - 20 questions)

6. LEARNING FROM PAST MISTAKES (4 weeks - 20 questions)

7. LOVING YOURSELF THROUGH ACCEPTANCE (4 weeks - 20 questions)

8. MAKING A DIFFERENCE (4 weeks - 20 questions)

9. FINDING YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE (4 weeks - 20 questions)

10. THE PATHWAY THROUGH GRIEF (4 weeks - 20 questions)


11. PERSPECTIVE (1 week - 5 questions)

12. HUMILITY (1 week - 5 questions)

13. HUMOR (1 week - 5 questions)

14. ACCEPTANCE (1 week - 5 questions)

15. FORGIVENESS (1 week - 5 questions)

16. GRATITUDE (1 week - 5 questions)

17. COMPASSION (1 week - 5 questions)

18. GENEROSITY (1 week - 5 questions)

Along with your weekly questions, your program includes personalized and hands-on guidance from our Joyful Living team throughout the entire 52-weeks. This will be extremely helpful during the first three months of the Perennial Project’s implementation within the facility to determine the best delivery methods and effectiveness for all residents. At each three month interval, we will check-in with the administrator to see how the program is going but know that we are readily available to you at any time during the course of your 52-week program.

PRICING: $500 per facility; 52-week program

REGISTER: https://joyful-living.ticketspice.com/the-perennial-project

For additional questions, please contact me at:

gregg.joyfulliving@gmail.com or


Join us and choose joy.

- G

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