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What advice, lessons or words of wisdom do you want to share with the world?

What do you want people to know about you?

How would you like to be remembered?


We all have a story to tell. I want to help you share it.


From the very beginning, my work has been built on the foundation of asking questions which I believe hold the keys to unlocking inner joy inside each one of us. It is from the dialogues that followed that soon became the most profound, eye-opening, and heart-warming aspects of my work - authentic human interaction through sharing, listening and creating “sacred space” to allow the dialogues to happen. Too often times after these “interviews” have concluded, I wished that I had a recording to share with my participants to document these rare moments of clarity, openness and pure joy. It is now my goal to do just that but at the same time, assist you in writing your own story - your own memoir.


We start with an initial consultation where we will determine your goal for the memoir - who is your audience, what topics would you like to discuss then I will develop questions based on your topics. We can start with specially curated questions I’ve already developed or we can customize your own. Once we have a starting point, we begin by scheduling your personal interviews which will be recorded by audio and then shared with you after each session. Meanwhile, I will be compiling your recordings and having them transcribed into text as well as edited and formatted into an e-book, which when we complete your interviews, will be given to you at the conclusion. The chapters will be determined along the way and with my guidance, your words will make up the content of your memoir - I’m simply asking the questions!


Your memoir could be a gift to your children, your spouse, your family and friends, the general public as a published book - it’s your own time capsule for you to share however you choose. I help you put it together in a meaningful way with your own words making up the texture of the memoir. It’s not about how much you share; it’s more about what you share that will make your book so impactful. And don’t focus on the end product of a finished book. It’s the journey of self-discovery and awakening that I feel will have the most lasting impact on you and ultimately, your readers. 


Examples of who would benefit from creating a memoir:



  • Milestone events (birthdays, anniversaries, trips, etc.)

  • Seniors leaving a legacy for their family, friends and loved-ones

  • Birth of a child or grandchild

  • Pregnancy journey

  • Graduations

  • Family reunions

  • Recently recovered from serious injury or diagnosis

  • New parents for children

  • Newlyweds/Engagement

  • Major launch at work

  • Weight loss journey

  • Overcoming illness or injury journey

  • Divorce/Re-marriage/Single-hood

  • For individuals who wish to chronicle their own life for self-development and growth


  • Friend to friend

  • Sibling to sibling

  • Parent to child

  • Adult child to parent

  • Spouse to spouse

  • Seniors

  • Grandparents to grandchildren


  • Mother's Day

  • Father's Day

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas

  • New Years

And much, much more!


Single Memoir Session: $275.00 


  • a 30 minute Planning and Strategy session prior to recording

  • 60-75 minute interview (approx. 10-15 pages of content) with personal and customized questions for your particular theme and audience

  • Audio recording to be shared immediately after 

  • Recordings transcribed, edited and formatted

  • Digital copy of the final transcription sent via PDF, Word, Pages, etc. 



Three Sessions: $780.00 ($45.00 off); approximately 30-55 pages of content.



Five Sessions: $1,275.00 ($100.00 off); approximately 50-75 pages of content.



Seven Sessions: $1,750.00 ($175.00 off); approximately 90-115 pages of content.

All Memoir Packages include:

  • a 30 minute Planning and Strategy session prior to beginning your book and before all recordings.

  • ​Personal interview sessions, approximately 60-75 minutes in length with personal and customized questions with a specific theme and audience for your book.

  • All audio recordings will be shared immediately after the interviews have been completed via email.

  • All recordings transcribed, edited and formatted.

  • Digital copy of the final transcription sent via email as a PDF, Word, Pages, etc. 


Payment plans available; Deposit required prior to interviews. Please inquire for more details.


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