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LIT Council
Listening, Intention, and Talking for connection, understanding, and healing

Inspired by the traditional “talking circle” from Native American Indian cultures and the Blue Zones philosophy of vibrant living, LIT Council will bring people from all walks of life together in a safe and respectful space for the purpose of listening, intention, and talking (LIT.) Our council is a powerful means of healing and energizing the mind, heart, body, and spirit.


Facilitated through Zoom video conferencing and limited to smaller, more intimate groups, the LIT Council leader will open the forum by welcoming each participant, inviting personal introductions, setting goals and outcomes for the group, presenting a topic for discussion, and setting proper intentions for the next hour.


The leader will then hand a virtual “talking piece” to the first speaker who will then pass the talking piece to the next speaker in order to share equally. It is believed that this intentional listening and talking from the heart is where true healing energy is created. Within this sacred space, we are encouraged to speak and listen not only from the mind, but from the heart and we are free to share our inner-most feelings, if we choose. 


Regardless of what is said, all LIT Council members are valued, respected, listened to, and cared for. There is an Indian belief of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE - RIGHT PEOPLE speaking and hearing RIGHT THINGS and we rely on this belief within our forums.


One could call this “group therapy” but it most certainly is therapeutic. It has been scientifically and spiritually proven that somatic healing occurs when speaking and listening in this manner. A shared experience of healing, learning, and growing through storytelling is the goal.


Benefits of LIT Council are:

  • Increased connection to others as well as your inner-self

  • Calms the body and strengthens the mind’s neuroplasticity

  • Physical, emotional, and spiritual healing on a deep, quantum level

  • Increased mental focus and clarity

  • Dramatic increase in energy and stamina, emotional evenness and peace

  • Heightened state of bliss and overall well-being

  • Fulfilling five out of the Power9 rules to thriving from the Blue Zone philosophy


It is my intention to create a transformative experience for my participants within the LIT Council by creating a safe space that can truly help people live a more connected, happy and vibrant life. 


I invite you to give and receive an hour of your time to becoming LIT.


Join us at:

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