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Healing Nature mission statement:


The mission of Healing Nature is to show my participants how nature can help you find true health and happiness and that our connection to nature is cyclical. I will take my guests on a ‘mini-journey' and we will discover not only what science has learned about nature but also how to tap into its power. We will find the connectedness we have to the outside world through various mindfulness practices, and along the way, discover how we connect with each other and within ourselves as well. 


We will understand that from this deep connection to nature, we receive countless benefits to our well-being - physically, mentally and spiritually, and as a result of this connection, we feel compelled to give back to nature and enhance its longevity and lasting impact on our world. We will learn that we are nurtured by nature and in return, we must nurture nature itself. And we will see that wherever in the world you are - a forest, a beach, a local park, or simply in your own backyard - we can all live happier and healthier lives. 

What is Healing Nature?

We all know how good being in nature can make us feel. We have known it for centuries. The sounds of the forest, the scent of the trees, the sunlight playing through the leaves, the fresh, clean air — these things give us a sense of comfort. They ease our stress and worry, help us to relax and to think more clearly. Being in nature can restore our mood, give us back our energy and vitality, refresh and rejuvenate us.


But what exactly is this feeling that is so hard to put into words? 


In Japan, we practice something called forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku. Shinrin in Japanese means “forest,” and yoku means “bath.” So shinrin-yoku means bathing in the forest atmosphere, or taking in the forest through our senses.


This is not exercise, or hiking, or jogging. It is simply being in nature, connecting with it through our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Shinrin-yoku is like a bridge. By opening our senses, it bridges the gap between us and the natural world.


A simple two-hour forest bath will help you to unplug from technology and slow down. It will bring you into the present moment and de-stress and relax you. Numerous studies have shown that shinrin-yoku has real health benefits. There is now a wealth of data that proves that forest bathing can:


  • Reduce blood pressure

  • Lower stress

  • Improve cardiovascular and metabolic health

  • Lower blood sugar levels

  • Improve concentration and memory

  • Life depression

  • Improve pain thresholds

  • Improve energy

  • Boost the immune system 

  • Increase anti-cancer protein production 

  • Help you to lose weight


1 hour session: 

$175 per person

2 hour session:

$275 per person

3 hour session:

$375 per person 

All sessions include a Healing Nature Field Guide. Space is limited to 15 people per session.

Private Groups Available

To schedule, contact me at:

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