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FRONT PAGE Create Your First Draft Flyer

Many people feel deep down that they have a book "inside them."

The hard part is sitting down to do it. You may think this is because you have never done it before, but many experienced writers suffer the same problem.

Before you even sit down to write, there will be a lot of questions you will need to answer. If you are writing a story, do you know who is to be included and what happens from beginning to end? Do you know the personalities of your characters? What are the important points you want to emphasize? Also, who is your audience and who will want to read it? How do you want them to feel after they have read it?

This is where WE come in!


Our work is built on the foundation of asking questions which we believe holds the keys to unlocking the story you have inside. From the interviews we conduct, the dialogues will provide you the theme, color, texture, and energy of your book. And your responses to these questions will be used as your true FIRST DRAFT.


We start with an initial PLANNING & STRATEGY CALL where we will determine your goal, audience and theme, and develop the questions accordingly. Once we are aligned on the questions, we will conduct your session interviews which will be recorded by audio and video then shared with you after each session. We will then compile your recordings and have them transcribed into edited and formatted text. These will be provided to you within 5-7 days of recording. Your First Draft will be made up entirely of your own words providing you pages and pages of useful content for your book.


Single Recording Session: $275.00; approximately 10-15 pages of content.


Three Sessions: $780.00 ($45.00 savings); approximately 30-55 pages of content.



Five Sessions: $1,275.00 ($100.00 savings); approximately 50-75 pages of content.



Seven Sessions: $1,750.00 ($175.00 savings); approximately 90-115 pages of content.

All Recordings include:

  • a 30 minute Planning and Strategy session prior to beginning your book and before all recordings.

  • ​Personal interview sessions, approximately 60-75 minutes in length with personal and customized questions with a specific theme and audience for your book.

  • All audio recordings will be shared immediately after the interviews have been completed via email.

  • All recordings transcribed, edited and formatted.

  • Digital copy of the final transcription sent via email as a PDF, Word, Pages, etc. 


Deposit required prior to interviews. Payment plans are available.


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