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Conversations Worth Having
 Timeless conversations with endless connections.

A simple, effective, and mindful way to re-connect with yourself and others through meaningful conversation.

CONVERSATIONS WORTH HAVING is a unique but powerful program designed to help participants feel connected through individual or group interaction combined with interpersonal reflection. The benefits of this program include:

  • Managing anxiety                                

  • Reducing stress

  • Coping with depression                      

  • Evoking high levels of mindfulness

  • Assiting in achieving your goals                            

  • Boosting your memory and comprehension

  • Strengthening your self-discipline      

  • Improving your communication skills

  • Sparking your creativity                        

  • Accelerating inner healing

  • Building self-confidence                      

  • Inspiring yourself to help you inspire others

  • Elevating connection with others and yourself


  • A weekly email bundle which features:

    • Five curated and insightful questions covering themes of reflections, relationships, aspirationspurpose, and beliefs. These questions are provided as a guide to assist you with journaling, deep thinking, and engaging with others in meaningful conversation.

    • A mindfulness lesson to guide you each week.

    • Various links, articles, quotes and stories to help inspire and lift you up.

  • A brand new Moleskin journal and pen to be used as your tools during the program sent to you via Amazon.

  • Bi-weekly, 90 minute Zoom video calls with Gregg to review your journal questions.

  • All Zoom calls will be recorded and the audio recording shared after each call.

  • Three Connection Check-in's at the beginning, middle and end of your program to rate your level of connection within yourself and others.

  • Pre-selected themed questions but you will also have the ability to choose your own selection of personalized themes each week as we go.

  • Exclusive offers and discounts for upcoming retreats, workshops and events.


  • Digital transcripts from each Zoom recording to be edited, formatted and compiled for you as your own personal journal entries. (Additional $150 per session)

  • Professionally bound journal to compile your transcripts as a keepsake. (Approximately 300+ pages; cost TBD)



6 months: $6,000 USD



12 months: $12,000 USD



6 months: $3,000 USD



12 months: $6,0000 USD


  • A $500 deposit to hold your reservation is required.

  • Payment installments are available.

  • $500 off total amount of program if paid in full.

Contact me for more information about this unique program!

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