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Create Your Bestseller

What is a “bestseller”? We, at Storytellers, like to think of it as a book that sells better than most other books within the same genre.

We also believe that in order to launch a bestseller, you have to WRITE a bestseller - a book that is worthy of being sold to thousands of people.

Finally, we also believe that writing a bestseller is just as much science as art, and you should at least be aware of the factors that make a best-selling book.

As part of the SpeakEasy Create Your Bestseller program, you will be introduced to our team of experts within all areas of publishing: PR/marketing, writing coach, book editors, cover design, book formatters and self-publishing specialists who will guide you through the necessary steps to successfully launch your book in order to give you the best exposure to your given audience.

The secret to the SpeakEasy Create Your Bestseller program is our simple eight step method of taking your story from concept to published work:

STEP 1. Begin your writing journey using your VOICE - audio interview recording sessions with our Storytellers team.


STEP 2. Construct, compile and develop your recorded transcripts to create your first draft.


STEP 3. Put the puzzle pieces together - working with our writing coach to piece your transcripts, notes, and typed pages into a working manuscript.


STEP 4. Begin your pre-launch PR/Marketing campaign for your own personal brand.

STEP 5. Create and submit your final manuscript to our publishing team

STEP 6. Final edits, formatting and cover design for your book.


STEP 7. Your book is ready to be published on Amazon!


STEP 8. Post-launch book marketing campaign - book reviews, Amazon best seller campaign, book tours and speaking engagements.

Introductions to the SpeakEasy Create Your Bestseller team is included in your Book Project program following the conclusion of your session recordings.


Single Recording Session: $295.00; approximately 10-15 pages of content.


Three Sessions: $865.00 ($45.00 savings); approximately 30-55 pages of content.



Five Sessions: $1,435.00 ($100.00 savings); approximately 50-75 pages of content.



Seven Sessions: $2,065.00 ($175.00 savings); approximately 90-115 pages of content.

All Recordings include:

  • a 30 minute Planning and Strategy session prior to beginning your book and before all recordings.

  • ​Personal interview sessions, approximately 60-75 minutes in length with personal and customized questions with a specific theme and audience for your book.

  • All audio recordings will be shared immediately after the interviews have been completed via email.

  • All recordings transcribed, edited and formatted.

  • Digital copy of the final transcription sent via email as a PDF, Word, Pages, etc. 


Deposit required prior to interviews. Payment plans are available.


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