Joyful Living

Guiding conscious connections as a foundation

for a joyful life.

The philosophy of Joyful Living is rooted in the FOUR COMPONENTS OF CONNECTION: 
Conversations Worth Having
What is Joyful Living?
Joyful Living is a multi-faceted mindfulness training program designed to teach you how to connect with your joy, especially in times of struggle and stress.
How does Joyful Living work?
 Joyful Living founder Gregg Gonzales provides a variety of options to begin your journey of connection, discovery and awakening. Programs such as Joy-Camp, Conversations Worth Having, Create Your Memoir, and Healing Nature are all designed to provide the tools and guidance to strengthen your connection to joy under any circumstance.
Who is Joyful Living for?
While all of the programs and lessons are designed for anyone seeking to live a more joyful life, Joyful Living has been proven particularly successful for women aged 35 to 65 who are wellness-minded and dedicated to their own self-care.
Why do you need Joyful Living?
Our world is constantly changing, with the ebbs and flows of life bringing joy and sorrow, happiness and anger, and peace and suffering. The programs within Joyful Living were created to teach you how to RESPOND to these changes rather than REACT to them.

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